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CEO  / Founder

Elizabeth Benavides / CEO Founder

Liz was born and raised in Scotland where she began working with children. After working in her native homeland for several years she was then offered a position in Germany where she began her International career working for military personnel, from there Liz worked in several other countries for several different families from various backgrounds including Saudi Arabia where she had the honor to work for the Saudi Arabian Royal family.

From Saudi Arabia Liz then went to the USA.  During her time in the USA she has not only worked with children as a nanny but also gave many hours with several non -profit agencies as a counselor, victims advocate and public speaker.

Liz has been recognized and won several awards for her commitment to social issues, and they always included children.


Liz has worked with the US government including the US Senate, House of Representatives, the department of labor as well as the FBI and homeland security, where she was able to make changes to immigration policies. Liz has also served as the chairperson of the Governmental Federal Affairs committee with the International nanny association where she was able to get a nanny recognized to a skilled professional from an unskilled domestic.


Liz also assists international students studying here in the USA, through Children connecting, with their studies and provides a safe-place away from home. Liz helps them adjusting to the culture and wherever they need help.