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Angela Sanchez, Manager European Office

Angela Sanchez was born and raised in the Netherlands.

She  studied to become an Educationist. For the past few years she has worked a few hours a week as an English teacher at local Elementary schools. She tutors children at different levels of education and in different languages.


She is married to a Salvadoran Native.

Together they live in the Netherlands with their 2 sons. 

After being an International Nanny for many years, she considers herself fortunate to have experienced many different countries, cultures and individual dynamics of various families.


Learning about their habits and their beliefs, there was one common ground that kept coming back. We all wanted the same things in life…. Health, Happiness, Love, Respect and a safe world for our children. Children connecting the World is in Angela’s eyes the gateway to an open intercultural world.


​As one of the key members of this organization it allows Angela to not only bring the world to so many children in a variety of ways, it also enriches her own life and that of the people around her.




Mrs.  Báez Recalde journalist, ex foreign correspondent for Paraguay for South America, while residing in Buenos Argentina (DAPPA PRESS) and Paraguay (DW Deutsche Welle).

Settling back down in Asunción, Paraguay in August 2008. Up to that date, she has held the post of International Relations Director at the Ministry of the Woman. Her position encompasses the following: to plan, organize, direct, coordinate all actions that require any activity with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its offices, Embassies and Missions accredited before National Governments, International Organizations and similar institutions related with the woman.


To promote the participation of the Ministry of the Woman (“MW”) in international meetings. To prepare and present national reports to international institutions in compliance with international commitments assumed by Paraguay. To participate in the national meetings institutionally representing the MW on follow-up of international topics.


Ms. María Gloria Báez Recalde, is a distinguished personality among the Asuncion Society, Paraguay, identified with women’s causes. Founder of the Kuña Aty Foundation (“Meeting of Women” in Guarani language).  For more than 2 decades ago caring this organization has been dedicated to the Paraguayan family focusing for the intra familiar violence, the defense of women victims of violence, and its children, providing to each family member support in the following areas: psychological, medical, social and legal. Ms. Báez is a Director of the Foundation’s Directive Committee since it was set-up.


Ms. Báez Recalde has also been named “International Prosecutor” by the International Court of Law of Infancy affected by War. Court of Human Rights.

Has a Bachelor in Communication Science and Journalism, a Master in Communication, specialized in Journalism and Social Communication and a Doctorate in Development and National Defence with emphasis in Multidimensional Security or Regional and Territorial Development.


She speaks Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese.