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Using technology to give children an international education

Children connecting the World is the brainchild of Liz Benavides, a native of Scotland now living in America.  Liz was an international nanny for over 20 years who once worked for the Saudi Arabian Royal family. Combining her experience of working with children and exposure of cultural diversity, Liz often volunteered in schools sharing her experiences and exposing children to other cultures. Utilizing Benavides’s International experience and connections along with Sun Valley Elementary Schools Media specialist Kevin Vickers technical knowledge, the duo has worked diligently to bring a whole new way of global education to children.

The success and demand of this team led them to becoming a non-profit organization.

Since then it has been non-stop for Children connecting the World, and the global community has embraced it with open arms. ​

Not only have they connected children across the globe thru current day technology, they also have been instrumental in bringing the world to the children that they work with.

Children Connecting the World, Inc.’s mission is to connect children from all over the globe and from all walks of life to form global friendships based on respect and understanding for each other’s countries, cultures, their differences and their similarities.

The organization will work with educational institutions in countries around the world to give students the opportunity to learn about their peers in foreign areas cultures and customs. In doing so, we believe this will influence positive relationships for the future generations dealing with international connections.


"We hope that by using the modern day technology available to most of us, we will be able to battle intolerance in future generations through knowledge and international relationships". 

Children connecting the World is necessary to help combat worldwide ignorance; her goal is to use modern day technology to connect children from all over to help them build positive relationships for their future. “We didn’t have educational tools like this when we were children,” Benavides says. 

“Many children don’t have the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures the way I did,” Benavides explained so let’s give them the opportunity to teach each other about their countries, cultures and traditions, and at the same time they can see not only what differences but also what similarities they have. By lending some international support to this issue, Benavides hopes to let children teach each other. “They learn so many different aspects about one another’s daily lives that no text book could possibly teach. 

We have touched so many that we have encouraged many around the world to get involved including HRH Prince Khaled bin ALwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who now serves on our board of directors. Prince Khaled has hosted many Skype sessions with some of our schools and visits in person from time to time.

Not only have we joined schools and children but also arranged for museums to give lessons to our children from other countries as well as introduce our children live to people from other parts of the world.

Children connecting the World also assists international students studying here in America, helping them get established here, from finding them families to live with during their stay, setting up bank accounts, getting driving licenses and many other situations that may arise.


We love what we do and are thankful to so many for their encouragement and support​