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Children Connecting The World's History

CCTW's Founder and Executive Director/CEO,

Welcome and thank you for visiting Children Connecting The World's website. It is an honor to have established this organization with the mission of improving international relationships with today's children so that our future will be one that has better cultural understanding and less exclusion of diversity.

With my past experiences, I realize many children would never have the opportunities I had experienced. With being an international nanny, I was able to travel and experience other cultures in a way that a text book can not teach. Children Connecting The World will be able to teach children the way I learned about these other cultures with the use of today's technologies and give a first person view of other countries cultures and traditions.

Once again, thank you for joining us on this amazing journey to better our children's perceptions of the world with the hope of a better result in our international relations!


Elizabeth Benavides
​Executive Director/Founder of CCTW

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Our Philosophy

"We hope that by using the modern day technology available to most of us, we will be able to battle intolerance in future generations through knowledge and international relationships"

Our History

CCTW is the brainchild of Elizabeth Benavides, a native of Scotland now living in America. Combining her experience of working with children and exposure of cultural diversity, Elizabeth often volunteered in schools sharing her experiences and exposing children to other cultures.

The success and demand of her team led them to becoming a non-profit organization.

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